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Brandon Monebrake, March 27

We’re farming about 2,300 acres counting custom ground. We raise about 40% corn and 60% beans we have more bean ground this year than we have because of prices and it is easier to get them in. We also raise a little freezer beef.

We have been all no-till since 2000. If we work the dirt and it rains it will wash away, especially on our hillier ground. The corn does pretty well. We have spiked wheels on the planter on one side and that works the ground enough that the corn is up in three to five days if the weather cooperates. We added those last year.

I farm with my grandfather and I have been working here since I was 13. Now I’m 21. We spray, we haul our own grain, we sidedress, we do everything ourselves. We got our sprayer four years ago.

We both do the planting. I plant the beans and he plants the corn. We start the corn a week or two before the beans and we are hoping to get the beans in a little sooner this year. We try to get started by the end of April. We usually don’t like to plant beans before the fifth or tenth of May. Our soils are pretty much the same right here around home. We have pretty good dirt here. If you go north it has more clay around New Paris. The ground is rolling here and it is hilly in New Paris and we have a farm in Richmond Indiana and it is really hilly.

I enjoy farming. I won’t do anything else. Competition from other farms for land is a real challenge for us. We are fortunate to do some custom harvest, planting and spraying.

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