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A Farmer’s Christmas List

Dear Santa,

I’m not sure what I have done wrong, but corn prices seem worse than a lump of coal these days. Am I on your good list this year? Just in case, here is a list I hope you find me worthy of.

#1 A normal growing season (I don’t know what normal is but a little rain in July will be appreciated)

#2 A mild calving season (I know the timing is all my fault but anything above 25 degrees would be great)

#3 I like my iron dealer and all, but if I didn’t have to call him for service more than once next year that’d be alright.

#4 Please be sure that part needed for #3 is in stock.

#5 For an understanding landlord that knows I am doing my best for them and me, in that order.

#6 Please change “landlord” to “consumer” for this one.

#7 For the Environmental Protection Agency to do away with The Water of the U.S. rule.

#8 For the IRS to nix the Death Tax.

#9 For a Farm Bill that doesn’t do so much more for those receiving food assistance than those that grow that food.

#10 A little more black ink than red.

P.S. Thank you for that early Christmas gift in November. That should makes wishes #7, #8 and #9 a bit more manageable.

Merry Christmas!


The American Farmer

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