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A Farmer’s Thanksgiving Prayer

The harvest is finally done

The bins are packed full

Same can’t be said for my wallet

After this year that’s for sure


But the bills are all paid

And the equipment is clean

It’s getting hard to stay awake

But I’m still just living the dream


It may not be worth it

To fight the bad luck and weather

But those things don’t matter much

When the family is back together


After living in the field

Through the harvest and the chores

There’s no better place to be

Than through that front door


I do have quite a lot

Considering how I make a living

My prayers have all been answered

But I’ll save one for Thanksgiving


Dear Lord God in Heaven

Not sure exactly what I did

For a hard working, loving wife

And this house full of kids


Please don’t think for a second

That I have what I deserve

Just know that I am thankful

And it’s You that I’ll continue to serve



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