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How do you pronounce triticale?

Triticale has gained more popularity as a solid cover crop option with some feed and grazing value as well. The story from the Bolender farm in Brown County shows how valuable the crop can be. The hybrid cross of wheat and rye has many merits but is a significant challenge for folks in the ag media (or at least me anyway). I don’t know how to pronounce it.

My initial guess is that you say: “trid-eh-kale.” So, when I do interviews or have professional conversations about the crop that is what I say, though I have been corrected numerous times by others pronouncing it several different ways. Some say “trid-eh-kal-ee” while others use “tri-te-kal,” “tridi-kal,” “tridi-kale-ee,” or “tri-te-kal-ee.”

After several debates about the correct pronunciation I have come to no definitive conclusion on how to say it. As a result, I often end up sort of nervously muffling the word in conversation because of my fear of mispronouncing it and sounding unprofessional. The result, though, is me inevitably sounding unprofessional. For what it is worth, Oxford Dictionaries says: tridi-kale-ee. But I am guessing the Oxford Dictionary folks have not been to Brown County.

To delve more into the confounding linguistics of triticale, Joel Penhorwood and I talked to some experts on the matter. Check out Joel’s video on the topic. At any rate, triticale is finding more niches on Ohio farms for its value as a cover crop and feed source, no matter how you say it.


  1. How bout “treat-a-cow”? Whatever. Good video

  2. Gregory McDonald

    Triti karli

  3. Don’t ask what others have done for you, but ask what you have done for others

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