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Despite being generations removed, the city has farm envy

Within the city limits, you may find more weathered wood, barn doors and farm décor these days. For some it may be a way to go back in time to simpler days and for others it may be a trend they saw on HGTV. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that those that dwell in the city have a major case of farm envy.


You might have read about a friend of ours that makes his living taking down old barns that have been sitting empty for decades. Removing these structures is at the request of the landowners, mostly because they no longer have a use on the farm and after years of sun, rain, hail and wind have become an historic eyesore.

What you may not know is that once these old heaps of rotten wood are taken down, they go from a nuisance to a novelty in a matter of seconds, as “reclaimed” barn wood is being utilized in brand new homes in an upscale subdivision near you. Uses vary from a mantle over the fireplace, to a headboard, to a kitchen table, to porch flooring. But make no mistake about it; this old wood is chic in the city.rustic-bathroom

As if the wood from the barns wasn’t enough to satisfy the urban craving for farm life, they are putting up barn doors as well. That’s right, sliding doors that resemble the old style barn door with every detail down to the knotty wood, wrought iron handles and casting rollers. Sometimes these “old fashioned” barn doors lead into the bathroom, so I hope that hook and loop lock work. That would make you think twice if someone told you your barn door was open.

Then recently, I came across another example of the farm revolution into home design and this was one that even I might consider. Check out this Massey Ferguson vintage tractor bar! What farmer wouldn’t want to belly up to this awesome piece (especially after this planting season)?

hksw16g-b-2cc-webAs the description reads: This abandoned vintage tractor was rescued from an empty field and magnificently repurposed into a table bar with an elegant glass top, giving it a second and useful long life. Curated by an out-of-the-box thinker and creative type who envisions masterpieces when others only see trash, this special and unique design is for the discerning individual who is not into the mass-produced, cookie-cutter look and wants to ensure that there is nothing common about any of their home furnishings. It comes equipped with two color-complimented bar stools.

This beautiful piece could be yours for $2,695!

I’ve got a better idea. I’ll get a couple of six packs and we’ll head to the shop and just sit in actual tractors and have just as good of a time. I may even invite a few city friends to help them with their farm envy.

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