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Giants and miniatures stand out at Ohio Equine Affaire

Despite the gloomy and cold weather Equine Affaire drew crowds to the Ohio Expo Center. There was plenty of shopping, demonstrations and learning opportunities, but my favorite part of the event was seeing the draft and miniature six-horse hitches.

Watching horses around the 18-hand height and horses just more than 30 inches performing similar maneuvers during the Fantasia show was quite an experience. Of course, I already have a pre-existing love for draft and miniature horses and driving so that probably encouraged me to choose these hitches as my favorite part of the performance.

I have spent some time watching both of the men prepare their hitches and drive them and it is clear they are both talented drivers with talented horses. It was very fun to see such opposites in sizes perform a discipline that I enjoy so much.

A thank you goes out to all the equine performers, demonstrators, etc. that shared their horses with the rest of us at the Ohio Equine Affaire.

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  1. We had an amazing time last week at Equine Affairs! It was an honor being able to share our lil gang with everyone, and being in arena with Dean. Thank you for the great article, and pics. Mini Hitch Ranch .

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