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Bonkers, the Pygmy goat

Every set of Pygmy goat kids born at my place has one silly member. This year was no exception.

In mid-March, a wether was born that immediately caught my attention with his fun antics. If he isn’t chewing on my jacket or jumping on a toy in the goat pen, he is knocking his brothers and sisters off my lap so he can take a seat. He is so much fun.

This particular wether is destined to go to a 4-H home when he is weaned, and I generally let my customers pick the names of their goats. This particular kid wether is going to be a 4-H project for a young lady. She is very excited about her goat project, and I am excited for her because I know a kid this tame and silly will provide much fun and entertainment for his owner’s family.

The family that is buying this little boy was nervous about picking a name for him. They were afraid that since he will be shown he might need a regal or special name. I assured them that goat names are usually not read out loud at Pygmy goat shows and even if they are, any name the 4-Her chose would be fine.

A few days later, the family of the 4-Her sent me a name for this silly wether. They are naming him Bonkers. I can’t think of a more perfect name for such an affectionate silly little guy. Sometimes being a little bonkers is all it takes to make a 4-Her’s day and that is my hope for his future life.

Bonkers goat2

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  1. Hi Kim,
    Do you have any more pygmy goats for sale? Please let me know thanks, Jean

    • Jean,

      All my pygmy goat kids are sold. They are popular and hard to come by this year. I don’t know of any available. Good luck in your search. – Kim

  2. Hi how you doing
    I’m asking if you have a female pygmy goats for sale
    Thank you

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