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Spring 2016

I killed a wasp in very early March and my daughter got her first mosquito bite the following week. By all accounts it appears that the planting season will be early in Ohio this year.

The four-inch inch soil temperatures will likely be running above normal this spring and forecasters thought they would reach above 50 and stay there one week to two weeks earlier than normal this spring.

“April is shaping up to be warmer and drier than normal,” said Jim Noel with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Weather Service in a recent CORN Newsletter from OSU Extension. “Historically in strong El Niño springs, we do not see late freezes but more normal last freeze dates. However, if the warmer weather causes things to start growing earlier, there is a risk a normal last hard freeze could still cause impacts.”

In addition, Noel pointed out that evapotranspiration rates will likely be above normal this spring due to the warmer weather. The NOAA May forecast continues the trend of warmer, drier weather for Ohio.

As the dreary March blossoms into beautiful spring, there is not a farmer alive who can remain idle as the coming growing season beckons. For those engaged in the scramble of the planting season, I hope you do get the chance to take a few moments to enjoy the wonders of spring outside of the tractor cab. It is truly a wonderful time of year to be on a farm.

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