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Be prepared for March fishing license madness

A sure sign of spring to me is when my fishing license expires from the previous year and I must order a new one before (legally) wetting a line again. That’s about now each year, since the 2015 license expires March 1, after which anglers need a new 2016/2017 version. Remembering the required changeover can get tricky — and several citations are written early each March  — when ice fishing is underway and anglers forget that they need a new license about now but don’t realize it and get caught with their shanties down. Or up, actually. So get yours before you head to the ice or open water with rod and reel in hand neext month, or suffer the consequences!

While you’re at it, if you plan to hunt in 2016, you may as well purchase your hunting license now too. Just make sure that you remember that you did so come next fall (or this turkey season), else you risk joining the ranks of absent-minded hunters who end up doubled-up by mistakenly purchasing one too many licenses…

Lake Erie bass and walleye bag limits drop

In addition to needing new fishing licenses, Lake Erie-area anglers fishing through the ice or in open water need to be aware that the daily limits for walleye and bass are reduced beginning March 1, when anglers fishing the Ohio waters of Lake Erie may only take four walleye per day and the size limit of 15 inches remains in effect. From March 1 through April 30, 2016 the daily bag limit on all Ohio waters of Lake Erie for any combination of walleye, sauger and saugeye is four with a minimum size restriction of 15 inches. The daily bag limit has been six since last May through February 29. Bass anglers may keep no more than five bass from Lake Erie waters, with a minimum size of 14 inches, through April 30.

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