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Ohio Crop Tour follow-up

To follow up on our I-75/I-71 Ohio Crop Tour, we got some of the actual yields from the fields we sampled in August. Below you can see how well (or how poorly) we did with our yield estimates.

County, Actual yield, Crop tour estimate in August

Crawford: 240, 231

Darke: 164, 217

Delaware: 168, 204

Defiance: 105, 113

Fairfield: 171, 175

Franklin Co.: 176, 146

Hancock: 220, 200

Henry: 158, 159

Highland: 179, 210

Madison: 228, 186

Medina: 150, 160

Miami: 202, 190

Paulding: 90, 70

Pickaway: 220, 235

Preble: 200, 234

Putnam: 96, 119

Ross: 205, 203

Wood: 117, 136

Wyandot: 195, 186

Van Wert: 110, 98

The combined numerical tour average was 175 bushels on the August crop tour. The formula used is accurate plus or minus 30 bushels for the areas of the fields sampled. The terrible conditions in northwest Ohio, we believed, would pull down the total average of the state, however. The group consensus in August was 166 bushels for a 2015 state average based on what we saw with extremely poor conditions in so much of northwest Ohio and many unseen holes in fields from early wet conditions throughout the state. We didn’t not reduce the yield enough, however. Ohio’s final 2015 average corn yield (released Jan. 12) was 153 bushels per acre, down 23 bushels from last year. The USDA’s final national average corn yield is 168.4 for 2015.

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  1. Where can I find out the actual yields for the other counties in Ohio?

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