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Crops battling wet conditions around Ohio

Jeff Duling
Jeff Duling, Putnam Co.

Right now I am sidedressing some hog manure in knee high corn that is yellow. It is my worst field and I can’t stand it. It will either kill it or help it. I hope the neighbors don’t see me.

Some of the corn in the better ground that was planted early is coming around and has good color. The west side of Putnam County and Van Wert County all the way up to Decatur, Indiana doesn’t look good. If you go west of Kalida there are guys that have nothing as far as corn and there is no coming back. Even their beans are terrible. I was depressed there for a while but after driving around I feel fortunate.

On our farm in Van Wert County I think we got up to 15 inches in June. Beans are taking it better than I thought. These new genetics are really shining. I have faith in the beans yet.

Weed control is breaking down. I sprayed about 125 acres yesterday and did some foliar feeding with manganese. We also took off around 50 acres of wheat yesterday. I was very happy with it. It came out to 87 bushels per acre and it is showing anywhere from 58.5 to 59.5 on test weight. I have been hearing rumors about vomitoxin but have not seen it.

Thursday we got into our red clover. The ground conditions weren’t the greatest but we got good quality and we got it wet wrapped up by Saturday night. There is still first cutting alfalfa around here.

We are going to run wheat all day today. We planted 16 acres of beans for the first time yesterday. We took prevented planting on 34 acres. It is ditched every 25 feet and there is still water laying on it. We are going to rip it, level it and get some red clover and rye on it.

When you get this much rain it doesn’t matter what genetics or nitrogen source you used. I drove around and looked at fields that were plowed, fields that are in no-till, fields that use cover crops — none of it made any difference. The guys that pushed the envelope and got corn out early made the difference this year. We planted a field early by Delphos and I thought it was too wet but it is our best corn. That bigger, earlier corn could tolerate the water better.

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