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Rain Is A Big Pain (Parody Song)

If you are a Midwest farmer finding it difficult to find the words for the wet weather, the Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins wrote a song that might help and put it with some pictures to show that your are not in this alone.

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  1. Ty , The only thing you forgot was , How do we make hay in this CRAZY wetness ? Nice song adjustment !!!!

  2. How bad is it in the state of Ohio. Great parody. Hope to see you in Columbus. Dick

  3. I always thought Joe Cornely was a funny name for someone who did farm reports. I’m surprised it’s his real name.

  4. Ty, it was great remembering and replaying your rain video parody.

    Yes, we can smile now, but it was a rough year. And as farmers, the most optimistic people on earth, we look forward to 2016 saying to ourselves, “This next year will be the best one ever!”

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