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Feeding Farmers Week 3 – Davisson Farms, Union County

For the third week of Feeding Farmers in the Field, sponsored by AgriGold Hybrids, Dale Minyo and the crew of the Ohio Ag Net made their way south of Milford Center in Union County to Davisson Farms. Dale Davisson leads the corn and soybean operation.

The farm is currently enjoying a good balance of moisture and dry weather along with having a positive planting season overall. Davisson reports they were extremely happy with the emergence they’ve seen in corn and have recently finished side dressing.

Davisson also reported temperatures being a bit on the cool side during soybean planting, but plants have so far come up nicely around the farm.

The operation has been utilizing variable-rate technology for a couple years now, something they say they’ve grown to love.

Watch the interview between Dale Minyo and Dale Davisson below:

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