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Bambauer Fertilizer & Seed expands operation with new construction

More than 150 farmers from Shelby, Logan and Auglaize counties attended an Open House event last month for a newly constructed Fertilizer Facility at Bambauer Fertilizer & Seed.

Located south of Jackson Center on Wise Road, the 10,000-ton facility will be focused on better service to Bambauer’s retail customers.

“This expansion is an effort to improve our business and better serve our customers,” said Mitch Bambauer, manager of the Jackson Center location. “Our goals with this facility are to provide the best blended product and most complete coverage when adding fertilizer enhancements, while at the same time, increasing overall efficiency.”

Expanding storage and rail capacity for better purchasing power as well as more efficient transfers to allBambauer train cars Bambauer locations were additional goals of the project. A tower blend system that incorporates a state of the art High Intensity Mixer are additional features of this facility.

“As farm operations grow, trucks and machines also keep getting bigger. Loading them in a timely manner becomes more of a challenge,” Bambauer said. “The new building and equipment setup will be fast and efficient, but still personal.”

Customers with smaller operations are still very important to the company and will continue to be able to load through the facility. Additionally, they are able to accommodate customers with larger equipment and quantity needs. The expansion of the rail spur and receiving equipment will allow Bambauer’s to fill their facilities more efficiently.

Bambauer adds that with application season getting more compressed each year, and new regulations limiting fertilizer applications, getting fertilizer to the fields on time is even more critical. Investing in technology and structures that will improve our ability to provide the highest quality products and service is key to our customer’s success.

Bambauer mixerThe facility is equipped with a unique High Intensity Mixer (HIM) from Sackett Equipment, based out of Baltimore, Maryland. The HIM uses two horizontal paddles, mixing a series of small batches very quickly. This mixer combines the best in speed, accuracy, and dependability into one high performance mixer.

“The horizontal paddles in the HIM are essential when impregnating fertilizer with a chemical or micro-nutrient,” Bambauer said. “It is incredibly efficient and provides even coverage on every granule.”

“Bomb Bay” style doors will dump the entire batch from the blender into a holding hopper, which prevents separation of the blend and speeds up the process. The batch is then loaded on to the truck or spreader while the next batch is mixing.

In addition, the facility is equipped with full automation of weighing, adding chemicals and micronutrients, blending, and loading of dry fertilizer. Automation from Murray Equipment, Inc., based in Ft. Wayne allows for improved customer service, inventory accuracy, increased efficiency and error reduction. This system will enable the blend process to be done in a series with ten overhead fertilizer storage bins, two weigh hoppers, the High Intensity Mixer, and a surge hopper. When one batch is through the first step in the process, another batch is able to start. This allows for the fastest loading available today. Bambauer’s can load a 24 ton blended load of fertilizer in 7 minutes, a process that used to take 35 minutes.

Site preparation began in November of 2013 with concrete work underway in May of 2014. The final project was completed in February 2015.

Find out more about Bambauer Fertilizer & Seed at www.bambauerfertilizer.com or follow them on Facebook.


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