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Between the Rows 2014 wrap up

Jed Bower, Fayette CountyI was pretty pleased this year but we had yields all over the board.

There are always hybrids that stand out and there are always some that need some more tweaking. My biggest frustration has been with my own herbicide program and I am going with all Liberty beans in 2015 for that reason. As I talk to the seed reps and other farmers, it seems that in our area there is a slow switch going in that direction.

The past few years have been extremely exciting in agriculture and we might be going through some tougher times, but there are still many opportunities and new things coming on the technology side. I am sticking with Roundup corn next year. Then in 2016, I will be looking at the Duo with Dicamba and Roundup.

I have stayed loyal to spreading all the maturities out and this year we had 103-day corn clear to 115-day corn. Next year I think we are going to drop the 115-day corn, and maybe even the 114-day corn. It seems like the earlier maturities, in the last few years, are producing wonderfully compared to the longer season stuff. My 115-day hybrid was the last hybrid we harvested and it came off at 21% and the previous day we harvested 113-day corn and it came off at 16%. The yield was within a couple of bushels. Both had great yields but when you are talking about a shrink of 100 to 130 bushels per 1,000-bushel load, even with low corn prices that adds up pretty quickly. I probably could have let it stand longer and it would have dried more, but I think moving forward an earlier hybrid will fit my operation better.

Things are obviously a little tighter than they were, but I think you still need to be willing to try new things. There is a lot of good plot data and research out there, but you never know how it will perform on your acreage unless you to try it yourself.

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