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Tom Yuhasz, Oct. 27

The bean harvest is probably 50% or 60% done. Some of the fields that got white mold are not doing so well, but the good fields that did not get it are in the 60s or maybe bumping 70 bushels.

Our food grades are yielding well too, but we had one field almost completely wiped out. We are down to the last third of our harvest, but it has been slow up until the last three or four days. We have had bean moistures from 27% on down to 11%.

The fields with white mold will drop down to 15 or 20 bushels. The stems are rotten and if the dust is blowing the wrong way you can’t see the machines out in the fields. There is something you can spray to neutralize that spores and we are going to try that. I think the problem is more about planting dates and when the flower was in bloom and conditions were right. There are fields that do not have any and there are fields that are terrible. And, it is usually down in the low parts of the field and this year it is in the outer parts of the field. It is screwy.

We got some corn in yesterday and today. Test weights are a little weak, but we are seeing really good yields in corn. There is corn ranging from 250 to 290 bushels in some fields around here. Planting date, again, was really important. The early stuff is doing well and the later stuff is having more problems.

If you had tile this year you were in pretty good shape. It has been a wet harvest. We didn’t get the wheat acres in that we wanted. We planted some wheat after wheat and some wheat after beans. It all looks pretty good but it is too late to plant any more. They are calling for snow on Friday.

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