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Todd Hesterman, Oct. 27

Finally, the push is on. We have really only been harvesting soybeans for about two days, but they were huge days. We ran until 1 in the morning Saturday night and as long as conditions would allow us last night.

The wind has really brought the moisture down on the beans. When we started we were taking off 15.5% moisture beans and last night they were down to around 12.5% moisture.

We actually started corn on Monday last week. Beans were still at 18% or 19% because of the rain we had gotten. We switched over to soybeans mid-day on Thursday, then we got some heavy dews and we only had short windows of harvest until Saturday.

Soybeans are yielding anywhere from the mid-50s on up to the mid-60s with some reports around here in the 70s. Field averages are 62 or 63 and in the tougher fields they are in the mid-50s. We caught some decent rains around the 11th of August when we got three inches and that saved us. The guys that did not get that rain are struggling with beans in the mid 30s and corn in the 140s.

We have had phenomenal corn yields so far and I hope it continues. Corn moisture is running 23.5% to 24.5% moisture. I hope we have dropped a point or two in the moisture over the last couple of days. In some spots corn is hitting 270 bushels and field averages are around 210 in some of our marginal fields. That is 25 bushels better than our 10-year average on that ground.

We have a 90% chance of rain for tomorrow. I have about given up on the idea of planting wheat. We are already beyond the crop insurance deadline.

I think we are close to 50% done with bean harvest and corn may be around 15% or 20% done. There have been a lot of long hours this harvest season. Remember to be safe.

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