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Jed Bower, Oct. 27

Earlier this morning we thought we would be done today, but now I don’t know that we’ll be done before the rain. We have 100 acres to go. We ran 20 feet and we are done for the day.

We fought beans for a couple days on moisture but yesterday they came down really nicely and were running much better than they had been. Yields have been average to good. Yields around here have been in the upper 50s and we have been seeing some pretty consistent 60s and some 70s, but when you hit the holes, yield drops off pretty quickly.

We finished corn a couple of weeks ago. It ended up doing very well. There were spots this year that did worse than last year but there were places that did better. There were some varieties that normally do really well that didn’t do well this year. Things will probably end up around 190 or 200 bushels around here and I think most everyone is pretty happy with the corn.

We had problems with gray leaf spot and northern corn leaf blight showing up in quite a few fields, but in the end I don’t think it really affected yields. We sprayed some fields and didn’t spray others and we split some fields. I think I wasted my money on fungicides in corn this year and we didn’t spray anything on beans.

Early on, the beans were at 9% or 10% moisture but the stems were so green it was hard to run them through the machine. Then we started seeing moisture ranges back up to 16% and now we are back down to 11% and we are starting to see some shatter. You just have to do what you can and watch your reel speed.

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