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Brad Mattix, Oct. 27

We have made some pretty decent progress. We still have 500 acres of beans and quite a bit of corn to go. There is only one person in the area I know of who is done. Beans are probably 70% done and corn is maybe at 35% or 40% around here.

The bean yields have been pretty decent. I have heard a range from 45 to a field that averaged 80 bushels. They are better than what I was anticipating.

The later planted corn is still running 30% moisture. There are some fields doing well and some not so good. I have heard of fields running from 125 bushels up to 270 bushels.

We have some corn fields where we are losing the tops and it looks like it could go down. We are not going to get to that corn before this rain. We are behind. I wish we were done with our beans. We have had some shatter loss on these warmer and windier days. We have been fighting the moisture on these beans all harvest. We also had a farm with marestail problems. We couldn’t get the pre-emerge on before the beans came up because it was too wet last spring.

We are putting down a boatload of manure. We have put down 82,000 tons this year, but we still have 65,000 to 80,000 to go. We are doing well, but in some areas things are really behind because of too much rain.

We need to get these crops off. When you get into November, Mother Nature steps in and things start to change. I hope we can get things done by Thanksgiving. If not, I will have half my hair pulled out.

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