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Viral Nova

A secret island of swimming pigs

Imagine…the bright sun beaming like it was meant for only you as you relax on soft sands on a warm, tropical day as the turquoise water sneaks up to your feet every few seconds. You have a fruity drink in one hand as the other lets go of every care in the world…and then a pig strolls by.

From the “now I’ve seen it all” category, welcome to a secret island where wild pigs and humans coexist and keep each other company. It’s a real place and I have the pictures to prove it.

Viral Nova

Big Major Cay Island is where one can find this porkadise. This petting zoo on the beach is not known by many, but once the location is found a bond is made that can never be broken…until the piggy snacks run out.

For me, along with the warm sun, light blue water and margarita, I use a few other senses to make this destination perfect. In my mind I smell the awesome aroma of bacon and learn the secret of how ham is salt cured.

See more picture and find out more about the island

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