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Officially a “Baconeer”!

When I was a kid I, like many others, wanted to be a number of different things when I grew up. Of course a farmer was on the list, along with a police officer, a firefighter and by the way this list is going, a member of the Village People.

I had my Dukes of Hazzard phase and name any superhero of my time, most notably “He-Man”, and I wanted to be them. But when none of those possibilities panned out I eventually found my calling and have truly enjoyed my radio career over the past 20 years, but I was never really fulfilled.

It wasn’t until this week that I finally found a place where I belonged, a place where everyone thinks the same way, feels the same way and eats the same way. A place where the only thing that matters…is bacon.

I am officially a Baconeer!  A Baconeer, by definition, is one dedicated to the scientific art of proving the addition of bacon makes everything in life better.

The motto of this prestigious group (and I already have it memorized) is: Knife, spoon, or plastic fork, we’ll be happy as long as it’s pork. Crispy or chewy, it doesn’t matter. Serve me my bacon on a great big platter.

This extraordinary group is made up of bacon-maniacs, bacon-stalkers and all lovers of sizzling porky deliciousness, we are united in the belief that everything is “baconable” (look it up).

With my free membership, I get incredible insights about my favorite edible treat. I can see how my Baconeer brothers and sisters enjoy bacon and watch them do their own engineering to make bacon even better, if that is possible. I can also view updates from The Pig Pen to see what’s next for pork bellies. My life has never been fuller!

You can join me and the millions of other Baconeers and spread the message of a porktastic world where we are all connected…by bacon.

If you are smelling something frying on the skillet as you read this you are already qualified to join the club. Find out all about becoming a Baconeer right here and stay hungry my friends…for BACON!

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