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Pictures show that snow isn’t all bad

Although the snow and cold made life difficult for most of the country this past week, take a moment to appreciate the beauty of these scenic barns in the winter.

Set against crisp blue skies and snow-covered pastures, these picturesque barns are a sight to behold.


“Early in the morning, fog froze to every surface on our farm, creating this beautiful wintry landscape,” says Kerri Lehman of Dalton, Ohio.


A gorgeous mountain farm sprinkled with snow near the town of Joseph, Oregon.


Snow softens a sturdy old barn, an antique thresher and a mower on the Moser farm in Hickman, Nebraska.


A snowstorm settles over this colorful barn near Hunter River on Canada’s Prince Edward Island


A 110-year-old barn in Pickford, Michigan, houses Tennessee walkers and a horse-drawn antique collection

These are courtesy of “Country.”

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  1. A teacher of mine from my high school days used to say about the changing seasons, “I like the right now.” That’s a good way to look at life. Rather than pining for our youth that is past or whatever the next phase that lies ahead, let’s live in the right now and enjoy the beauty of the moment.

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