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Cold weather sets records around Ohio

At least 49 new record low temperatures were set on Tuesday, Jan. 7 in the bone-chilling cold and windy conditions around the country, including several in Ohio.

The mercury plummeted to -11 degrees F in Akron-Canton, breaking the previous record of -5. It was -12 in Mansfield and Cleveland where the previous record was -7 and Toledo dropped to -14 breaking the previous record of -6. Other record low temperatures were set in Youngstown (-12), Columbus (-7), New Philadelphia (-9), and Zanesville (-8).

The cold weather was courtesy of a Polar Vortex.

“The term has been around for decades, but rarely mentioned because this happens maybe once a decade in Ohio — the last outbreak was 1994,” said Ben Gelber, Columbus meteorologist.

The dome of frigid arctic air settled in across the Ohio Valley region through Tuesday. Combined with stiff winds, the weather was dangerously cold for those not properly dressed. Wind chills were -30 and colder around the state. Frostbite and hypothermia can occur within minutes in such conditions.

“Much warmer weather will return by the weekend, with rebounding into the 40s, along with a few showers on Saturday,” Gelber said.

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