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Recently, Hastings released uncharacteristically PG-rated material that may be more appropriate for his expanding farm fan base.

Counting down the top posts of 2013

As our website has grown in popularity in the last few years, it is really entertaining for us at the office to see what stories get the most “clicks” or visits from interested readers. It is almost like a video game we play to outdo each other with our various posts throughout the year. Who can get the most clicks?

We think it is interesting to review the top posts for the year to see who’s posts won, but also to gain insight into how to better serve those on the web and in print and radio with the content and information they are most interested in learning about.

In addition to the top posts we will be highlighting, other noteworthy drivers of web traffic in 2013 included the Ohio State Fair livestock show results, the Ohio FFA Convention and videos. Over the next few days we will be wrapping up the year by counting down the top posts of 2013.

What were your favorites from the year?

Here is the #10 post of 2013

Small town the right fit for big comedian

Drew Hastings succeeded as a comedian in L.A. before he traded big city life for a cattle farm in southern Ohio. The resulting culture shock has provided ample comedic fodder and has opened up a whole new audience for the towering comedian with memorable hair that keeps crowds laughing across the country.

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