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Talk about selling cows!

Only in Australia will you see this!

Road trains arrive at Helen Springs Cattle Station, north of Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory of Australia. Composed primarily of open grazing land, the property occupies an area of 3,937 square miles. The cattle are loaded onto the road train for their journey to Longreach, Queensland.


ATT00022The Road Train then leaves on its long trip.

Interesting statistics:   

         There are 17 trucks with 3 trailers and 2 decks per trailer; that’s 102 decks of cattle.

          Approximately 28 cattle per deck; A total of 2,856 head of cattle.

          The cattle will weigh approximately  1,102.3 lbs each 

          The sale price for cattle at Longreach is approximately 75 cents per pound

          Each animal will therefore be sold at $825.

          Total revenue from this analysis is $2,356,200.00 

          Each truck has 2 front/ 8 rear tires, first trailer 12 tires and is dollied to the truck.

          2nd & 3rd trailers have 8 tires at the front and 12 at the rear, that’s 20 tires each.

          Each truck has 62 tires, that’s a total of 1,054 on the road. A lot of tires!


Now that’s a Road Train!!!

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