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Doug Longfellow, Darke County, Nov. 11

“A lot of people have wrapped up here in the last couple of days. We are still getting a fair amount of corn and there are still plenty of parts of western Ohio where there is corn standing. We have really had some pretty decent weather in the past couple of weeks to get things done.

“I hear yields all over the board from average to above average to extremely above average. Everybody is about at average or above, just how far above is different from 10% above to 30 or 40% above.

“Most people are just relieved that the market did not tank on Friday. The markets are getting a little more accurate numbers now. I think we’re going to see a more steady market without as many spikes as we have seen in recent years. That is going to take watching things a little more closely for opportunities to sell.

“I think there are a lot of things that can happen around the world and there will be some selling opportunities. They may not be very big, but there will be opportunities.

“They are going to have to try to buy this corn to get it out of storage. Those could be some bright spots. I think beans are still good for the farmer at $11.  Beans are not that expensive to put out and I think that is a good opportunity right now to lock prices in for next year.

“I have opened a handful of corn claims because of price loss. The price is around a dollar and a quarter less from spring, but in many cases the extra bushels make up for that. I have to go through the math with each producer. In most cases there is not much of a claim because of those higher bushels.”

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