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Not a Picasso in Town

I, like many other Americans (90% of them), am at my wits end when it comes to what is happening and not happening in Washington. I have blogged about the dysfunction inside the beltway on many occasions. This blog was first penned over 18 months ago, and unfortunately, it still holds true.

March 8th, 2012

This week I traveled to Washington D.C. with The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation County Presidents. Every year they make the journey to lobby on behalf of Ohio agriculture as they visit with their district’s Congressmen and women.

The attitude toward our Nation’s Capital is far from favorable and no matter who you talk to inside the beltway, nothing of importance will get done the rest of this year.

I have now been to D.C. twice and to walk around that beautiful city can really inspire a guy. No, I am not running for office anytime soon, but seeing the historic buildings and hearing the great stories of how our Country came to be can put your imagination to work.

It is a city of power, too much some would say, but at one time that power was used to mold a country of great opportunities. A century ago, our leaders worked together to make a difference in every class America welcomed. Now the term “class warfare” is used on a daily basis and it is causing gridlock in Washington.

From what I gathered, you can lobby as much as you want and yell as loud as you can for an issue that you would like to see implemented or changed, but nothing much will happen. Congressmen on both sides of the debates tell you that the other side won’t budge and there is no middle ground. If compromising is an art, there is not a Picasso in town.

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