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Doug Longfellow, Darke County, Oct. 28

“The big news is that our baby boy was born on the 13th, right in the middle of drying corn. He was two weeks early and the timing was horrible — not that we are not thankful.

“We are finished up with harvest. We finished beans and corn on Friday the 18th. That is a lot earlier than other guys. There are more finishing up every day. By the  time it rains later this week, there will be a lot of guys done. There is a lot of work to do in some areas yet. It is one of the earlier finishes for us. We missed a lot of rains this year.

“We’ll end up 10 or 15 bushels above average. It is not as high as some areas, but we were pleased with what we had. We had 150 acres of one corn hybrid that green snapped more than other varieties and it shaved 20 or 30 bushels off of that yield. We saw anywhere from 150 to 180 bushels overall and we are really pleased. That is the best crop we’ve had in a couple of years.

“Beans went in the mid-50s on average and were our best crop this year. They did really well. We got them planted in early to mid-May and they weren’t really long varieties. They hit it just right.

“There is not much optimism for old crop or new crop prices. Pushing the pencil is not as fun as it has been in recent years. Guys are really going to have to look at their costs for next year. Most analysts are not really encouraging for corn prices and guys have to get their pencils out to know where they are. You need to really get the details in order for 2014.

“The cover crops are looking good with the rains we’ve had. We have put on fertilizer and gypsum and we are going to spray some Roundup and 2,4-D today.”

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