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Louie Rehm, Wayne County, Sept. 23

“We got a little bit of fifth cutting hay done and it was good. I am going to finish mowing hay today hopefully. We still don’t have the quality, but we have the quantity. We are 70% done with corn silage. It is very consistently good corn. Our silo was completely empty this year and once we start chopping, we start feeding corn right away. The corn is just beautiful. The moisture is just right. We are right there in the high 20s and low 30s on the tonnage.

“There has been no field corn harvest or soybean harvest around here yet. We’ll put wheat in after the silage as soon as the weather gets nice. The beans are going to be later this year. They are pretty green yet and probably need another two weeks.

“We had 1.9 inches of rain last Friday. It was a little slippy on top when we chopped silage on Saturday. The wheat ground should be in good shape with moisture for planting.

“There is just a little bit of marestail out in the beans, but just a little bit of tillage gets rid of a lot of the marestail. I see very, very few weeds in the corn. We did some different things this year with our spraying and it really paid off.”

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