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Let’s say the Farm Bill is Syria

“It is a matter of national security.”

How many times have we heard that over the past few weeks as Congress decides whether to take action against the government of Syria for allegedly attacking their own people with chemical weapons?

I get it.

I get that by standing up for the same beliefs that we hold here at home in other parts of the world helps many of our allies in the Middle East region and beyond. I understand that by not punishing the Syrian leadership we are setting a precedent for more hellacious, catastrophic attacks in the future without a second thought.

I am not saying to move forward in one way or another on the topic of using military force in the instance of Syria. What I am saying is that the hustle and bustle in Washington as President Obama sells his plan of Syrian punishment to Congress proves that our government can get things done, in a bipartisan way, in a hurry, if it means it is a matter of national security.

So I offer up this thought, let’s say the Farm Bill is Syria. Let’s say that if farmers are uncertain about what the future holds because of a lack of policy or a throwback to the policies of 70 years ago, it will be a matter of national security.

Food security is national security, renewable fuels security is national security, land preservation is national security and farming is national security.

Once Congress gets past the debate of putting the Syrian government in its place, let’s hope things don’t return to “business as usual” and urge them to use the same type of passion, teamwork and action to get a new 5-year farm bill in place before the current one expires on September 30th.

Who knows, maybe if they keep this newly-found fevered pace going we may even pass immigration reform and a budget before the end of the year. Then again…

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