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Doug Longfellow, Darke County, Sept. 23

“There have been a fair amount of beans and corn run. It has been drier out here so we could get in a little earlier.  We have run about 170 acres of beans. There have been some pleasant surprises. We have been about 20% above average so far on soybeans. The average should be north of 50 bushels. We’ve had some in the 60s and some in the high 40s. It looks to be 10 to 15% on moisture. We did 25 acres of corn. It was at around 21% on moisture. I think it will be above 160 bushels. It was 107-day maturity planted in early May. We are more pleased with beans at this point. We had some neighbors with some early maturing beans yield in the high 60s. They were really pleased.

“We got 3.2 inches of rain last week, but we are fueling up the combine right now. It was so dry that it sucked the rain right up. There is some later planted stuff and double-crops that the rain will definitely help. The grass has gotten greener. We did not have any water standing in the fields. It may help a few of the bean fields — the later stuff in the low areas  — a little bit. We planted 50 acres of cover crops last Monday and the rain was great for that. It was up in four days. We also flew on some annual ryegrass in corn earlier in the month and this rain should really help with that.

“We have been getting some beans at the elevator. We haven’t really gotten any corn yet because, if they are running corn, they probably are getting a premium from a processor. I think we will be getting a lot of beans this week and we are ready to get that going.

“I am telling all of my customers to keep good track of corn because there is a good chance we may have a price loss scenario with crop insurance.”

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