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Becknology Days draws huge crowd

Becknology Days, with all of its agronomic information and amenities for customers, drew another huge crowd to Atlanta, Ind. At the event, Dale Minyo got to sit down and talk with Sonny Beck, president of Beck’s Hybrids, about the current and future agriculture of the region.

“We’ve had a pretty good year in Indiana and Ohio compared to the rest of the industry. We’ve had some good prices. I think everyone knew that we just couldn’t maintain $7 corn. Demand is increasing but you can’t hold that because too many uses will drop off at $7 or $8 corn. We need to make our budgets more conservative with that in mind,” he said.

The concern with resistant weeds continues to be top of mind.

“We’ve had a really good relationship here with Roundup Ready for a long time, and we knew that before you start to get resistance you’d better start changing. We need to encourage farmers to change now and I don’t mean two or three years from now when we get these new exciting products,” Beck said. “You’d better start using a year or two of Liberty, but don’t use it forever or you’ll get the same thing there. It will help preserve Roundup in the mix longer if you use these other products.”

The Beck family is looking forward to the Farm Science Review this year to showcase their new location that shares a property line with the grounds.

“We have the practical farm research facility there right beside the Farm Science Review,” he said. “We’re kind of partnering with them by having our show open early for breakfast and after the event in the evening. That is our plan for this year and we’ll see where it goes from there.”

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