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Doug Longfellow, June 10

“We got four or five tenths this morning and we’ll take it. We haven’t really had a good soaker since April. We only had an inch of rain in May. We’re a little short on moisture and a good soaker is really what we need.


“Stands are as good as we can expect. When we sidedressed corn we were able to really get a good look at things and the corn is coming up pretty well. I think if we get the summer weather, we have really good potential at this point. We have not seen anything in terms of insects and diseases that are of concern yet. Part of that is because we really have not had that much rain.


“We have had a few sales with this latest spike in the market. My suggestion is that, if you haven’t done anything yet, now is the time to at least get started to get a few bushels hedged ahead of time. I think there is still the potential for some spikes left in the summer. There is also a chance that, if the weather stays normal, this could be our last chance to make some good sales. There is a lot of potential to go both ways still.


“I have been doing acreage reports for my customers and everyone is pretty pleased with the way things have gotten started. I only had one replant claim and no prevented plant in our area. That will probably never happen again. Everyone is very optimistic at this point, but we were optimistic at this time last year too.”


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