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Doug Longfellow, Darke County, June 24

“We got the big two-inch rain from the wind storm they were talking about and we haven’t had any since. There have been spotty storms right around us where some places got up to 1.5 inches. We didn’t get a drop. We were kind of disappointed about that.

“The corn is starting to curl a little bit and we need some more rain. That two inches disappeared in a matter of days. The grass is looking kind of dry. The crops are still looking pretty good, but we feel like we’re getting towards losing some yield potential if we don’t get some rain. Hopefully in the next couple of days we’ll catch some of these spotty showers. The humidity is helping some with these heavy dews that keep things going.

“Wheat looks good and I think in the next couple of weeks that will be in full swing with harvest. I have heard quite a few people talking about double-crops. Our area is not huge into that, but I think this year there will be plenty of people try it.

“As far as field work for us, we are pretty much caught up. I think we have all of our spraying done, though we may do some fungicide later in the year.

“We have not seen or heard about any pests with elevated numbers. Everybody still feels like we have good potential everywhere in Ohio. The timing of rains in the summer will be the biggest key.

“My gut feeling is that the market is where it should be at this point because summer weather can cure a lot of problems from the spring. It was looking like it could be a cool summer, but things have really warmed up. The soybeans seem to really like this hot weather. Everybody has a pretty good attitude in this area yet. Rain makes people a lot more pleasant.”

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