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Doug Longfellow, Darke County, May 24

“We finished on Wednesday last week. We’re really pleased with the planting dates and everything is coming up really nicely. We really haven’t gotten much rain in the area. They were calling for rain so we were really pushing to get things done, but we still haven’t seen much rain. We need a shower before too long. There are no real chances any time soon. There is moisture down there and things are coming up, but a shower sure would help right now.

“Everything went in really well. We had plenty of days to get done, the date was right and the conditions in the soil were pretty decent. Looking back, this has been one of our better planting seasons. Our planting date was right at normal, and as far as planting days and the conditions, everything has been normal and good. Most guys in the area are done or are close to done.

“The corn has a really nice stand. Beans are decent, but they are coming. They are not all out of the ground yet and they could use some moisture. So far so good with no-till. We still have a fair amount of moisture down there and we are really pleased with our no-till conditions so far.

“We are planning on starting with sidedressing next week. That is our goal. We’re all caught up with spraying. We’re off to a good start and, if we get the weather, we feel we have got some real potential.”

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