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New ways to build old-fashioned relationships

With today’s technology, there are more ways than ever before to bridge the widening gap between consumers and agriculture, which (somewhat ironically) is more important than ever before.

Social media, blogging, and websites offer opportunities to develop relationships based on trust and shared values regardless of the geography and demographics that have restricted good old face-to-face relationships that have facilitated this debate in the past. My wife and children recently visited an area farm to learn about embryo transfer in beef cattle and she shared what she learned in her blog. Now, people she has never even met have a way to connect with her and a fascinating component of agriculture. This effort did not take long. After the farm visit she spent maybe 45 minutes documenting the experience, added a few photos and posted it. The blog allows her to reach hundreds or thousands of others with a fact based, accurate message about current happenings on modern farms.

Each time a farmer takes a bit of extra time to share their own accurate, real life farm stories with others (regardless of media) it helps chip away at the gross imbalance of inaccurate agricultural information out there.

Here is a link to her blog http://www.reesefarmroots.com that may serve as an example of how you can build good old-fashioned relationships with others in a simple, honest way that shares your values and, more importantly, your farm story.

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