Doug Longfellow

“I am the third generation on the farm and I farm with my dad. We farm about 1,000 acres between him and I with the custom farming we do. I also sell crop insurance and work at Rogers Grain elevator in Covington. My wife and I have one daughter and one on the way in October. We’re hoping for an early harvest.

“We’re 100% no-till corn and soybeans. We had a really rough 2012 so we’re looking forward to 2013 to get a good start to the growing season. We’re in the central part of Darke County. We caught the worst of the drought last year, but we feel like we have plenty of moisture going into spring.

“We got out really early last year and, looking back, that turned out to be a negative thing. This year we’re just looking to get out when it’s fit and hopefully catching a better growing season. We’re looking at experimenting with variable rate planting. We’ve had row shut offs on the planter for the past few years. We have had a six-row shut off and now we’re looking at a single row shut off when it overlaps during corn planting to save on seed costs. We’re looking at experimenting with fungicides on a trial basis too. We’re also hoping to try some cover crops in the fall. We’re just waiting for the weather to break to get going.

“The grain elevator is really quiet right now. Everybody is in waiting mode to see how planting goes. If they have made sales for next year, they have already made them. Of course, the crop insurance was really busy up until March 15. After a drought year everybody was interested in crop insurance. We could be on the brink of history this year either way if we have a dry year and prices skyrocket or we could have a big crop and prices go the other way. I feel like we’re sitting on a time bomb as far as price goes.

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