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Fun at Commodity Classic

The Commodity Classic is always a wild few days for us media types. This year, Bart Johnson, Dale Minyo and I

I found this impressive corn plant in the trade show. I wonder what this plant yields?

went to the event in Kissimmee, Florida.  It is all fun, but there is constant running from policy meeting, to fancy dinners, to meetings with advertisers, to networking opportunities, and to lengthy walks around the trade show. Then, when not attending one thing or another, we have to upload, interview, write, tweet, and Facebook so we can get the pertinent information to you in a timely manner. So, in short, it is fun, but it is also quite a bit of work.

Working with my laptop under the palm trees...

There is always a nice media facility inside, but, whenever possible, I would sneak outside with my laptop to enjoy the beautiful weather (at least during the first part of the event) and Florida sunshine while getting some work done. I found a nice bench under some palm trees overlooking a well-manicured outdoor  grass and community area surrounded by the massive Gaylord Hotel and Conference Center (though this one is substantially smaller than other Gaylord Hotels around the country). In many ways, though, this hotel is among the prettiest of the Gaylord hotels with beautiful tropical surroundings both inside and out. Guests can even

Would you like to hand feed this little fella?

watch a Gaylord staff member feed the alligators and fish residing in streams and ponds flowing through the hotel. We got to watch the deft gator guy toss bits of feed to a bevy of eager gators, much to the delight and terror of the spectators.

And, anyone who has been to a Gaylord Hotel knows that the restaurants within can be a bit on the pricey side, which they were. We had some grub there and Bart paid top dollar for it. Dale, Bart and I were all glad, though, that we found the Boston Lobster Feast establishment just a few blocks from our hotel where we could gorge ourselves on abundant amounts of shellfish and enjoy an eclectic dining atmosphere (ice cream too). Yum! The food was great, but we smelled like a lobster for the rest of the day.

All in all, it was a fun event, but we were tired when our flight returned to Columbus at about half past midnight. Thanks to everyone who talked with us at the event. It was fun, and with a chance to take a nap and recover from that lobster buffet, I should be ready for more Commodity Classic about this time next year.


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