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More swine results

2012 Ohio State Fair Junior Barrow Sale- $49,580


Champ Berkshire: Cierra Whitesel, Ansonia, exhibited the 251-pound grand champion Berkshire that sold for $2500 to Tony and Dicka Nye and family, PNC Bank and the Buckeye Barrow Boosters.


Champ Chester White:  Justin Goldsmith, Williamsport, exhibited the 279-pound grand champion Chester White that sold for $2375 to Producers Livestock, Event Marketing Strategies and the Buckeye Barrow Boosters.


Champ Dark Cross: Meghan Bremke, Wellington, exhibited the 277-pound grand champion dark cross that sold for $5800 to Bodey Insurance, Nationwide, Buckeye Barrow Boosters, Bremke Show Feed and Huffman’s Market.


Champ Duroc: Mitchel Shawhan, South Charleston, exhibited the 271-pound grand champion Duroc that sold for $5450 to Agrigold Seed Corn, Bluegrass Farms of Ohio, ICAP Crop Insurance, Tekuro Corp., Trupointe Cooperative, Producers Livestock and the Buckeye Barrow Boosters.


Champ Hampshire: Hunter Nichols, London, exhibited the 280-pound grand champion Hampshire that sold for $4350 to Sollars Farm, Isla Grande Farms, Schrader Real Estate and Auction Co., Murray and Edwards, Wilt Farms, Dean Glispie Racing Stables, Charle Andrews, Larry Criswell and family, Cutting Edge, Thompson Show Feed, Carl and Leah Davison, Doug and Cindy Peterman and family, Kuhlwein family, Green and Son, Advantage Bank, Ron and Kyla DeOrnellas, Davis Hay and Straw, Reiterman Feed and Supply, Vallery and Dorn Insurance, Brian Mast-Pioneer Seed, and JCW Farms.


Champ Hereford: Cameron Shellhouse, Sycamore, exhibited the 265-pound grand champion Hereford that sold for $2325 to North Central Vet Service, Umbarger Show Feeds, Novel Designs/ChampionDrive.com, and the Buckeye Barrow Boosters.


Champ Landrace: Delanie Wiseman, London, exhibited the 280-pound grand champion Landrace that sold for $2000 to Andy Korb, Auctioneer, Buckeye Ford Mercury and Trucks, Wayne Holland of Holland Builders and the Buckeye Barrow Boosters.


Champ MOP: Kolton Keener, Creston, exhibited the 269-pound grand champion Performance Barrow that sold for $4500  to PCS Drive Thru, Ullman Electric, John Stika, Smith Dairy Products, Jon and Judy Ressler, Brian Stichter, Direct Feeds, Steve and Seth Andrews, Auctioneer, Huffman’s Market and Nationwide.


Champ Poland: Cole Reveal, Hillsboro, exhibited the 264-pound grand champion Poland China that sold for $1600 to Kalmbach Feeds, Rick’s Hometown TV and Appliance, Star R Farms, Tony and Dicka Nye family and the Buckeye Barrow Boosters


Champ Spot: Mason Creager, Wauseon, exhibited the 280-pound grand champion Spot that sold for $2200 to PNC Bank and the Buckeye Barrow Boosters.


Champ Tamworth: Jake Ellis, Sabina, exhibited the 275-pound grand champion Tamworth that sold for $1500 to Clint High Farms, Shoelace Catering, Producers Livestock, Buckeye Barrow Boosters and Event Marketing Strategies.


Reserve Champion Dark Cross, exhibited by Claire McCullough, Botkins, $4500

Reserve Champion Light Cross, exhibited by Christopher Nott, Woodstock, $3250

Reserve Champion Yorkshire, exhibited by Matthew Evans, Wilmington, $1600

Reserve Champion Hampshire, exhibited by Tate Harrison, Hamilton, $1650

Reserve Champion Spot, exhibited by Shania Reed, Burbank, $2480

Reserve Champion Poland China, exhibited by Emily Herring, Wauseon, $1000

Reserve Champion Performance, exhibited by Victoria Waits, Washington Court House, $5850

Reserve Champion Tamworth, exhibited by Victoria DeVore, West Salem, $3020

Reserve Champion Berkshire, exhibited by Cierra Whitesel, Ansonia, $1000

Reserve Champion Landrace, exhibited by Gus Mitchem, South Solon,  $3500

Reserve Champion Duroc, exhibited by Jarrett Winner, Piqua, $2750

Reserve Champion Chester White, exhibited by Alan Leonhardt, New Washington, $6900

Reserve Champion Hereford, exhibited by Alex Vaughan, Wilmington, $1000

Skillathon results.

Junior Yorkshire Barrow Show

ClassPlacingExh No.Last NameFirst NameTag No.BreedWeight
Class 713 HEAD
6231Rice Austin151York220
5517Livensparger Brady82York220
6235Dominique Ashton102York224
3857Snyder Mykenzie105York227
4511Wippel Markie135York230
118Argabright Megan139York230
3419Ritchie Casey124York231
5007Seale Benjamin155York235
139Augustine Kirsten156York235
1453Gigax Madison104York235
2820Mitchem Gus98York235
666Carmack Amelia87York237
1214Engle Clayton147York238
Class 814 HEAD
5970Otto Brennan97York240
1762Henry Haylee80York240
20Ackley Kyle78York240
2195Kimley Lea91York241
3454Rohrs Brock94York243
3188Phillips Paige108York243
6165Sorrell Claire113York245
3155Petee Alyson122York245
1095Dixon Ali111York245
938Crowe Katie159York247
5754Corder Tim131York247
2994Nofziger Vicki96York250
2999Norman Samantha77York252
693Cass Garrett86York252
Class 913 HEAD
3362Reisinger Kristin90York253
5011Hinds Kyle152York255
4630Zurface Dakota136York256
276Bayman Dylon154York256
1252Evans Matthew79York256
4416Widman Adam88York257
4530Wiseman Delanie119York258
4314Way Kent140York260
110Appel Natalie109York260
5301Peete Jacob114York260
3170Pettit Haley158York260
1104Dominique Roman103York260
385Bleininger Dennis107York261
ClassPlacingExh No.Last NameFirst NameTag No.BreedWeight
Class 1013 HEAD
3619Scott Mitchell129York261
5007Seale Benjamin150York261
5151McCoy Adam106York261
3872Sorrell Alysa112York263
1829Hiltbrand Justin118York263
1383Frobose Hannah128York263
3677Shawhan Adam84York265
5011Hinds Kyle153York266
3985Stiver Jake142York267
4360Wentz Jaxsen101York268
2437Lewis Paige89York269
2917Mullett Jordan143York269
Class 1114 HEAD
5756Warnock Emily144York270
2671McCullough Claire120York270
4211Vaughan Alex148York270
370Black Ted93York270
783Clint High Farms149York272
1383Frobose Hannah127York272
1060Devore Victoria95York274
3967Stewart Johnathan145York274
3569Schiff Craig83York274
918Creager Mason92York274
2208King Madison125York275
291Becker Jacob133York275
3171Pettit Taylor157York277
3740Siegel Katie85York278
Class 1215 HEAD
5358Gerber Clayton115York279
4313Way Kaci141York279
986Darner Taylor110York280
2210King Spencer126York280
5357Cummings Desiree(Anna)134York280
2999Norman Samantha81York280
291Becker Jacob132York280
25Adams Ayden99York280
2803Miller Whitney138York280
4333Weikel Macey130York280
4631Zurface Dallas137York280
2780Miller Emmaline123York280
5766Basham Trevor146York280
488Bremke Meghan116York280
1830Hiltbrand Karen117York280

Junior Tamworth Barrow Show

ClassPlacingExh No.Last NameFirst NameTag No.Breed Weight
Class 2914 SHOWN
11202Ellis Jake323Tamworth275
21060Devore Victoria322Tamworth265
31060Devore Victoria321Tamworth258
42688McGuire Niles328Tamworth234
591Anderson Chelsea324Tamworth245
63986Stiver Kyle330Tamworth277
74024Subler Dalton329Tamworth268
8454Bowman Derek332Tamworth261
96269Holzapfel Corbin334Tamworth270
102038Jodrey Corey331Tamworth237
112036Jodrey Cody325Tamworth226
124630Zurface Dakota326Tamworth253
13491Brewer Brittany327Tamworth243
14492BrewerCole A.333Tamworth220
1202Ellis Jake323Tamworth275
1060Devore Victoria322Tamworth265

Junior Spotted Barrow Show

ClassPlacingExh No.Last NameFirst NameTag No.Breed Weight
Class 2611 SHOWN
15753Corder Kaleigh296Spots247
22794Miller Megan293Spots228
3235Barney Nathan299Spots240
4236Barney Nolan292Spots234
56204McCracken Austin295Spots235
61634Hamric Elisha306Spots236
75496Rolfe Alexis294Spots233
84407Whitesel Cierra316Spots240
93888Spitler Cole290Spots242
113693Shellhouse Cameron307Spots238
Class 2710 SHOWN
14500Winner Jarret303Spots267
24569Woolace Kristian309Spots265
33615Scott Deavan311Spots275
41634Hamric Elisha301Spots253
54569Woolace Kristian308Spots257
62671McCullough Claire298Spots259
74622Zircher Kelsey310Spots259
81423Geer Jason320Spots253
92741Meyers Kourtni300Spots273
105543Badger Kyle289Spots261
Class 2812 SHOWN
1918Creager Mason305Spots280
23338Reed Shania318Spots278
31384Frobose Hunter297Spots278
4712Chaddock Ellie313Spots280
52998Norman Christina288Spots280
6917Creager Bailey304Spots280
73862Snyder Trystan302Spots280
81206Elsass Averie317Spots280
9715Chaddock Josie312Spots278
103392Riddle Cole291Spots280
11800Coe Houston314Spots278
12717Chaddock Luke315Spots280
918Creager Mason305Spots280
3338Reed Shania318Spots278

Junior Poland Barrow Show

ClassPlacingExh No.Last NameFirst NameTag No.Breed Weight
Class 187 SHOWN
15739Priority Farms231Poland275
21966Hunker Sarah220Poland255
31778Herring Emily221Poland278
44356Wendt Riley & Ethan229Poland255
51637Hanes Makayla225Poland230
497Brewer Samuel227Poland227
1060Devore Victoria219Poland254
6204McCracken Austin223Poland255
4530Wiseman Delanie226Poland258
3371Reveal Cole224Poland264
3737Siefring Ben222Poland272
783Clint High Farms228Poland280
5739Priority Farms230Poland280

Junior Berkshire Barrow  Show

ClassPlacingExh No.Last NameFirst NameTag No.Breed Weight
Class 1511 HEAD
1673Hart Clayton163Berkshire236
361Bittner Jennifer184Berkshire236
5004Kreis Kamryn174Berkshire237
5061Durst Travis182Berkshire239
4631Zurface Dallas175Berkshire240
309Benitez Ashlei181Berkshire243
2310Kozarec Zane169Berkshire245
310Benitez Payton176Berkshire246
5357Cummings Desiree(Anna)189Berkshire246
Class 1612 HEAD
3171Pettit Taylor192Berkshire250
4407Whitesel Cierra186Berkshire251
3678Shawhan Mitchel165Berkshire254
1554Gross Cadence179Berkshire256
3612Schwieterman Brett171Berkshire257
938Crowe Katie191Berkshire257
4407Whitesel Cierra187Berkshire259
6276Wehner Benjamin162Berkshire264
276Bayman Dylon178Berkshire264
2688McGuire Niles185Berkshire265
3967Stewart Johnathan180Berkshire267
938Crowe Katie190Berkshire267
Class 1710 HEAD
2191Kile Kori164Berkshire268
3693Shellhouse Cameron173Berkshire268
2423Leonhardt Alan161Berkshire269
351Bilderback Austin167Berkshire270
6057Klingel Carson177Berkshire270
6204McCracken Austin183Berkshire270
352Bilderback Hannah168Berkshire274
5594Michael Spencer172Berkshire279
649Vollrath Kole166Berkshire280
2952Neanen Mykenzie188Berkshire280

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