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A riding “lamb” mower?

It was a long summer for mowing the grass this year as steady rains kept it growing. We have missed very few weeks since we started mowing the lawn in April (when we mowed multiple times a week in some cases). We are hoping this week will be the last that we need to mow the grass. On what may be the last nice sunny day for a while, we thought we’d better get it done.

My children love riding on the mower with their mother (I do the push mowing) and both kids wanted to ride for the last time this year. In addition, the bottle lamb named Lily (that freely roams the barnyard because she is small enough to fit under all of the fences) also wanted to go for a ride. Hence, I went outside to get something from the garage and found this unusual scene in my yard…

My wife, daughter and Lily the bottle lamb on the lawn mower -- not something you see every day.

Good luck with finishing up your mowing for the year and try to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. The long winter is just around the corner.


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