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Community demonstrates the character of caring

Hopefully you got to read the recent article about the great community support in Scioto County for the family of teenager Kile “Andy” Hayden after his tragic death this summer. This story, while a sad one, is also a great reminder about how fortunate we are to be a part of the family of Ohio agriculture.

Whether it is 4-H, FFA, production ag, agribusiness or agricultural professionals, it seems like most of the time people associated with the production of food, fuel, and fiber from the land are kinder, more caring and more generous than much of the general population. When making the decision about what career path I should take as I was starting college, my father said that continued involvement in agriculture was the way to go because of the quality of the people.

Now that I have been working at Ohio’s Country Journal for 12 years, I have abundant first hand examples to prove dad right. The story from Scioto County is just one more demonstration about the great community of Ohio agriculture that I am proud to be involved with — and I hope you are too.

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