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Cider, anyone?

My son loves apples and he REALLY loves cider.

We picked up delicious apple cider from Hirsch Fruit Farm. The whole family loves it, particularly my two-year-old son. We had the cider at a birthday party for my daughter and I received reports from six different people that he had asked for (and received) cider from them throughout the course of the afternoon. Fortunately, there were no ill effects.

Though my son clearly has an affinity for cider, I was very proud the other day to see him share some of his cider with his sister after she had finished her own. It was one of those moments amid the wild schedule of our house that was great to see and enjoy as a father.

This is especially refreshing since these days it seems that almost everyone is looking out only for themselves, often at the expense of the greater good. It is nice to see that my son has already learned to share with others, even one of his most valued commodities.

A similar spirit is behind the Ohio Corn and Wheat Growers Association proposed Agriculture Disaster Assistance Program (ADAP). ADAP simplifies the ACRE program, eliminates overlapping coverage with personal crop insurance and replaces the current Direct Payment program. Early estimates suggest that the changes could save $15 billion over 10 years, while preserving the vital components required for an effective farm safety net. In short, these farmers are proposing cuts for themselves for the greater budgetary good.

“We believe inefficient spending should be eliminated from all sectors of the Federal Government,” said Anthony Bush, a Morrow County farmer and vice president of the Ohio Corn and Wheat Growers Association (OCWGA). “Before we ask other sectors of government spending to examine their programs, we felt that we should examine our own and offer up policy that fits with our beliefs.”

For more on ADAP, pour yourself a refreshing glass of autumn cider and sit down with the October issue of Ohio’s Country Journal, then, pour a glass for someone else.  : )

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