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New permanent grain bin rescue training center in Sidney

Twenty four firefighters from around the state came together for a three day, 32 hour training for grain bin entry and technical rescue. This training is the third annual training in Ohio designed and led by firefighters from the Safety and Technical Rescue Association (SATRA). The training was held at Trupointe Cooperative’s Sidney location in the new permanent training center.

“We have recognized that the agriculture industry has an issue with rescues and responding to medical emergencies,” said Steve Queen, safety and risk coordinator for Trupointe. “This training, specific to the grain industry, will give rescuers in depth and hands on experience with grain engulfment’s and high angle rescues that will, when required, lead to a successful outcome”.

Trupointe and the Seaway Chapter of Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS), have been working together with SATRA to design trainings and provide real-life situations for firefighters around the state. This year is the first training to take place in the new, permanent facility. The training facility features a grain bin, engulfment simulator and grain leg, donated by Brock, Grain Systems Inc. and Custom Agri Systems.

“The best way to learn how to help someone is to have had experience being in their situation,” said Queen. “The firefighters took turns being the victim, including being engulfed in a grain bin, while the others helped them out of the situation at hand.”

The specialized training is currently only offered one week each year, but the facility is available at anytime to firefighter divisions in order to practice and continue their training and education. Trupointe, along with the other corporations and organizations involved, hope to see the training offered more with the coming years.

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