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Things are hopping at the Reese House

Now that our barn is red (after three weeks of being pink) the neighbors are happier, but it is always an adventure at the Reese house. It is a wild week with Vacation Bible School at church every night, which keeps our evenings hopping. But things were even hopping in mid-day when the kids discovered this tree frog climbing on our window. It was clinging to the glass with its fascinating frog suction cup toes. I have never seen one quite like it. My wife was less than thrilled with the discovery.

We captured the frog in some Tupperware (again, wife not thrilled) and carried it out to a tree. The frog appeared to change color slightly from a brownish to a greenish color to match the moss on the tree. The children and I were in amphibian heaven and once the frog was away from the house, my wife even liked it a bit more.

We enjoyed our brush with this unusual visitor from the natural world and we had a fun story to tell at Vacation Bible School that night.

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