2011 Profiency Results


Wildlife Management

1. Jake Watercutter, Anna
2. Katlin James, Fayetteville

Veterinary Medicine

1. Samantha Vermule, Delphos
2. Erin Holycross, Ridgemont

Vegetable Production

1. Mallory McDevitt, Wapakoneta
2. Adam Pulley, Ridgewood

Turf Grass Management

1. Clayton Miller, Elida
2. Matt Thompson, Ridgewood

Swine Production Placement

1. Tonya Fender, Lynchburg-Clay
2. Tyler Armstrong, Wapakoneta

Swine Production Entrepreneurship

1. Brady Campbell, Waterford
2. Douglas Seger, Ft. Loramie

Specialty Crop Production

1.Vicki Nofziger, Pettisville
2.Dara Howser, Western Brown

Specialty Animal Production

1. Levi Criswell, Elgin
2. Trevor Corboy, Eastern Brown

Small Animal Production & Care

1. Kayla King, Pettisville
2.Lara Staples, Western Brown

Sheep Production

1. Kody Wolf, Carey
2. Brady Campbell, Waterford

Poultry Production

1.Libby Bender, River Valley
2.Nathan Fortkamp, Ft. Recovery

Outdoor Recreation

1. Emily Lanning, Logan
2.Corey Decker, Indian Valley

Organic Ag-Ohio Only

1. Brian Keller, Ft. Recovery

Nursery Operations

1. Lindsey Koppin, Anna
2. Amanda Koch, Botkins

Landscape Management

1. James Dotterer, Crestview
2. Megan Rammel, Ft. Recovery

Home and/or Community Development

1. Dulton Moore, Delphos
2. Ben Smith, Alexander

Grain Production Placement

1. Aaron Clark, West Holmes
2. Cody Adams, Fayetteville

Grain Production Entrepreneurship

1. Brock Goodman, Cardington-Lincoln
2. Nathan Fortkamp, Ft.Recovery

Fruit Production

1. Dana Stacy, Old Fort
2. Justin Bachman, Bloom Carroll

Forest Management & Products

1. Casey Troyer, Elida
2. Taylor Hopkins, Western Brown

Forage Production

1. Evan Klopfenstein, Wayne Trace
2.Seth Dotson, Ridgewood

Food Science & Technology

1. David Glass, Zane Trace


1. Rachel McClish, Miami Trace
2. Megan Heinlen, Wynford

Fiber and/or Oil Crop Production

1. Cody Adams, Fayette
2. Kayla Finton, Ridgewood

Equine Science Placement

1. Lindsey Pigman, Ridgewood
2. Larmie Wells, Eastern Brown

Equine Science Entrepreneurship

1. Arielle Bergman, Versailles
2. Leah Haines, Fayette

Environmental Science & Natural Resources Management

1. Allyson Davis, Amanda-Clearcreek
2. Brandon Sullivan, Fayetteville

Emerging Agricultural Technology

1. Jason Michael, Delphos
2. Phillip Vanscoy, Ridgemont

Diversified Livestock Production Placment

1. Eric Wuebker, St. Henry
2. Vicki Nofziger, Pettisville

Diversified Livestock Production Entrepreneurship

1. Katie Swinehart, Sheridan
2. Kody Wolf, Carey

Diversified Crop Production Placement

1. Adam Poeppelman, Minster
2.Mike Hannewald, Otsego

Diversified Crop Entrepreneurship

1.Kayla Finton, Ridgewood
2. Brock Goodman, Cardington-Lincoln

Diversified Agricultural Production

1.Aaron Bernath, Archbold
2.Cassey Pearce, Northmor

Dairy Production Placement

1. Ryan Albers, Minster
2. Andrew Winkle, Lynchburg-Clay

Dairy Production Entrepreneurship

1.Erin Williams, Morgan
2.Ben Simpson, Union Local

Beef Production Placement

1. Rachel Skinner, Ripley
2.Molly Greenawalt, Lynchburg-Clay

Beef Production Entrepreneurship

1. Steve McDowell, Buckeye Trail
2. Cassey Pearce, Northmor

Agricultural Services

1. Cory Osting, Delphos
2. Brent Stammen, Versailles

Agricultural Sales Placement

1. Lindzi Hoersten, Delphos
2. Caleb Saunders, Elida

Agricultural Sales Entrepreneurship

1. Adam Kroeger, Delphos
2. Josh Main, Otsego

Agricultural Processing

1. Alicia Klosterman, Wapakoneta
2. Alan Russel, Fayetteville

Agricultural Mechanics Repair & Maintenance Placement

1. Garth Lahna, Ridgewood
2. Jeremy Robbins, Fayetteville

Agricultural Mechanics Repair & Maintenance Entrepreneurship

1. Aaron Sutter, Fort Recovery
2. Melissa Shears, Ridgewood

Agricultural Mechanics Design & Fabrication

1. Garth Lahna, Ridgewood
2. Jeremy Robbins, Fayetteville

Agricultural Communications

1. Chelsey Keiser, Versailles
2. Seth Dotson, Ridgewood

Accounting (Ohio Only)

1.Mike Hannewald, Otsego
2. Cathryn Clark, Northridge





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