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Brush pile and tractor tales

This large brush pile (see the donkey at the side for scale) is the result of the tornado damage we suffered last week. In addition to this pile, we hauled two huge trailer loads of stumps and limbs from four large trees that were uprooted in our yard. This will make quite a bonfire this summer.

After last week’s tornado hit our Fairfield County home, we have been busy picking up a mountain of limbs from the four large trees that blew over (two of them narrowly missing our house). My friend with a landscaping business (Priceless Landscaping) came and helped us one day and brought his tractor, which fascinated my 20-month old son. Other than his nap, my boy insisted upon being on or within five feet of the small John Deere with a loader. My friend hauled away two huge trailer loads of limbs and stumps and we used the tractor to make a massive brush pile in our pasture.

My son had a grin plastered his face as he got to ride with anyone who was driving the tractor and would protest vehemently if anyone tried to remove him, even when the cold winds picked up and it started to rain. Because his trailer was full of limbs, my friend left his tractor through the next day and parked it behind the garage when my son could not see it.

The next morning when I was getting him dressed, my son took off shirtless, grabbed the tractor key from where he had watched me put it the night before and ran out the front door. He was rounding the garage toward the tractor when I caught my half dressed child on a chilly April morning.

Later that evening, we used the tractor again to clean up the last remaining limbs. My son could not get enough of the tractor. He was not pleased when I took him off the tractor for this photo with the brush pile in the background. The clean-up process was long and exhausting (and it still not done), but the silver lining was working on the tractor with my son and in a month or so, we are going to have one heck of a bonfire.

My son and I got to do some "man" work together to make this brush pile using the tractor (which he was not happy to be away from).

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