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How will you celebrate Ohio Ag Week?

My three-year old daughter hopes to take her sheep to a local school this week (with some help from her mother) to talk about agriculture.

By Matt Reese

How will you be celebrating Ohio agriculture week?

Just last week, Governor Kasich signed House Bill 89 designating this week (the second full week of March) Ohio Agriculture Week. HB 89 was passed unanimously by the General Assembly and is intended to increase public recognition of the vitally important role agriculture plays in Ohio.

I will be spending part of the week in Washington DC with the Ohio Farm Bureau on their annual lobbying trip with the county presidents from around the state. My wife and children will be going to a couple of local elementary schools to talk about agriculture on our small farm and in the state of Ohio. They may even be taking one of our sheep with them (which has always proven to be an adventure in the past). In addition, my wife is planning an agriculture activity for our daughter’s class at church. They will also be talking about our laying hens. They are taking plastic eggs filled with poultry facts and handing out chocolate eggs. They even have clever poultry jokes to tell. Why did the chicken cross the playground? To get to the other slide. All in all, I am sure they will create quite a spectacle.

Along with being Ohio Ag Week, Tuesday is National Ag Day, something I am sure will be pointed out to the lawmakers in Washington that we will be meeting with. So, join us in spreading the good word about agriculture. Tell a neighbor, friend or just some guy you run into about agriculture this week. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, load up your kids and livestock and visit a local school, maybe you’ll see my wife.

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