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Flood Damage in Shelby Co.

It seemed liked the storm that would never end. It started around 10:00 pm and didn’t end until 4 am.

It wouldn’t be until daylight though that the consequences of all that rain would be seen. Our basement was alright and, with three sump pumps in their basement, mom and dad said they were holding their own, so everything seemed alright. But with most schools in Shelby and Auglaize Counties on delay because of flooded roads, there was bound to be more to the story.

My mom called and said near Anna, Fertilizer Dealer Supply tanks floated down the road, so my husband I jumped in the truck to survey the area.

We found….

The tanks at Fertilizer Dealer Supply outside of Anna floated down the road.

both directions….

FDS manager Woody Woodell said the water was as high at 18″ outside and inside both of their buildings. They sustained quite a bit of damage. Not only did several tanks float down the road, debris over took their parking lot, computers, electronics and any equipment below 18″ was ruined.

Down the road from my parents farmer Bill Engaulhaupt’s driveway was partially washed out and had so much debris from where the water crossed over that he couldn’t get out of his driveway.

Down the road from my house water was gushing over the road into my dad’s field.

Then at my family’s farm, or Vaubel island, let’s just say they were lucky to get out of their lane because we’ve heard report of people who can’t. My dad appeared to still be in good spirits and in a decent good mood despite all of this and the long, muddy day ahead of him.

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