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Pioneer Hi-Bred introduces 29 new soybean varieties for 2011

With the total package of improved agronomic, defensive and yield-boosting traits in mind, Pioneer Hi-Bred, a DuPont business, is adding 29 new soybean varieties to its 2011 lineup.

“Each year Pioneer is focused on raising the bar for its soybean products, bolstering benefits to growers,” says Don Schafer, Pioneer senior marketing manager – soybeans. “That means not only providing varieties with broad agronomic and defensive traits, but also making sure yield potential is there as well. With this year’s new products, we’ve done just that.” 

These new Pioneer® brand soybean varieties, which range from Group 00 through mid-Group V, include 20 varieties with soybean cyst nematode resistance (three of which offer the Peking source of resistance), four non-glyphosate resistant varieties and one new low linolenic product. 

Key products in this year’s lineup include the following:

900Y71 – This is a new leader product well-suited for the northern Red River Valley of Minnesota and North Dakota, and into Manitoba, Canada. It provides Rps1c Phytophthora resistance along with outstanding iron deficiency chlorosis and solid white mold protection.

90Y70 – This is a high-performance product for Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota, where solid Phytophthora resistance and iron deficiency chlorosis are necessary.

91Y92 – This product is broadly adapted for Minnesota, South Dakota and northern Iowa, providing a solid defensive package, including resistance against soybean cyst nematode, Phytophthora root rot, brown stem rot, white mold and sudden death syndrome.

92Y53 – A new leader in mid-Group II, this product offers solid agronomics, an outstanding defensive package, plus Rps1k Phytophthora with the Peking source of resistance to help growers maximize yield potential. Tough soils that have top-end yield potential are well-suited for this product.

93Y05 – This is a new early Group III leader for growers from Iowa through Ohio, and even into Ontario. It offers the ability to handle those high-yield environments while providing soybean cyst nematode and Rps1k Phytophthora resistance, along with a solid sudden death syndrome and white mold defensive package to handle the challenging growing environments growers can experience.

93Y82 – This product provides growers another leader choice for their late Group III acres, combining great yield potential and the agronomics and defensive package growers have come to expect from Pioneer.

“At Pioneer, we’ve had consistent success delivering soybean products with the traits growers both need and want,” Schafer says. “Our 2011 products improve on that tradition, giving growers the products they need to succeed in a variety of environments based on specific soil conditions as well as insect and disease pressures.” 

For more information on any of these products or to learn about varieties best suited for your area, contact your local Pioneer sales professional or visit www.pioneer.com/soybeans. 

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