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Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association is set to launch in 2011

Throughout the past year, grower leaders have participated in the Structure Task Force to represent the interests of Ohio producers of corn and wheat to build the identity of a new organization — the Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association.

The new organization is a result of an ongoing relationship between the Ohio Corn Growers Association (OCGA) and the Ohio Wheat Growers Association (OWGA), which was formalized six years ago. The relationship began with shared staff, but grew throughout the years with joint membership meetings, legislative visits, public campaigns and policy-development synergies.

“From my perspective, the process to explore a new organization just made sense,” said OWGA President Mark Wachtman. “In Ohio, many of the issues we face are not as a grower of one crop, but as a producer of grains and oilseeds that allow us to successfully manage our farm. I grow a variety of crops on my farm, including corn, soybeans and wheat, and this is often the case in Ohio. We really are all the same person.”

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